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If you have caught a specimen fish on any of our waters, please send a copy of the photo with details of your catch and your membership number to the Secretary, by e-mail or using the button below and we may include it on our web site as a Picture of the Month.



We have received a number of photographs of good fish for posting on the Society website. The pictures are always very welcome but we must issue the warning that the receipt of such a picture does not constitute an entry for a specimen award. Only entries made using the standard procedure will be accepted:

Byelaw 8: For the purpose of the award of Cups and Prizes for the best specimen fish of various species caught in Society waters, such fish must be vouched for by a witness at the water and recorded in such manner as to satisfy the Committee. For the purpose of such awards the following fish shall be judged equal and others pro rata: –
Pike 15 lbs / Carp 20 lbs / Bream 7 lbs / Tench 5 lbs / Chub 3 lbs / Perch 2 lbs / Roach 1.5lbs / Rudd 1.5lbs / Dace 12 ozs / Gudgeon 3 ozs
If two fish of the same weight and specie are weighed in, the earlier report shall be deemed the heavier fish.

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