Dear members,
As from the morning of the 11th of October, there will be contractors upgrading the existing path on the field side of the Burrows lake, to hopefully combat the forming of extremely muddy areas in wet conditions. Due to plant machinery constantly working around this area, the Burrows lake will be completely closed from 6pm on Sunday 10th October, for the duration of the works.
There will also be an area at the top end of the main Pollard car park, that will have to be cordoned off for safety and the storing of materials etc. Due to this, the pathway down to the Pads and Rugby lakes will be closed as well. Access to these two lakes will have to be from the Pads car park only. Please understand that we cannot have members wandering around the closed off areas at any time. There will be machines operating and also excavations that could be dangerous to human traffic. So please do not pass beyond the barriers that will cordon off these areas.
Parking space in the top car park will be minimised by this, so please park sensibly, leaving plenty of room for lorries that may be delivering materials.
If the weather stays reasonably dry, the work should be finished by early November, but if the wet weather arrives, it could be slightly longer.
We thank you in advance for your consideration and will keep you updated.
The Committee