We have now received guidance from the Angling Trust and we are pleased to announce that all KAPS waters will remain open during the latest 1-month lockdown period of 5th November – 2nd December.

The only additional restrictions will be:

1.The exclusion of all guests and non-fishing visitors, at least until 2nd December. Fishing will be for MEMBERS ONLY.

2.Cancellation of matches scheduled during the lockdown period (Newenden on 8th November, Sea Match on 14th November and R. Beult, Yalding on 22nd November).

The current restrictions will stay in place:

  • Visits to KAPS venues should only be made if you are going fishing. No walking around if you are not fishing.
  • 2 metres distance must be kept to at all times
  • Sanitiser and or soap and water must be carried by all members (wash your hands regularly)
  • Members must have facility to go to the toilet within their own swim (bucket) and then take this home and dispose the waste (bailiff will be checking)
  • No socialising
  • All rubbish to be taken home (skip is closed)
  • If any member is unwell STAY HOME
  • If you become unwell whilst fishing GO HOME immediately
  • Please bring all you need for your trip to minimise journeys, trips to local shops, supermarket etc.
  • No sharing of tackle/equipment
  • All members to have ID and membership cards at all times (no ID, no card no fishing)
  • No gathering in car parks, please park 2 metres apart
  • When walking around to pick a spot to fish keep the 2 metre rule at all times on paths and in swims
  • When travelling to the venue please ensure you are alone (unless you are from the same household)

Thank you for your cooporation during this time.

Stay safe!