Dear Members,

As you will agree the last few months have been very challenging, not just for us as a club and as anglers, but also within our home and work life. Now that we have been given permission to open our venues again so that we can start angling, KAPS have set out some rules for the safety of all members that we all must adhere to. These rules have been put together following the guidance given by the government and other professional bodies so please ensure that you take the time to read them and understand them.

Please note that we are operating a maximum 48 hour or 2 consecutive days stay rule, with no return to any KAPS water in 72 hours to maximise the chances of everyone being able to fish and for the enjoyment of all in these potentially busy times.  This rule will continue for the foreseeable future, but we are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and will make any changes as and when required.

All Members must adhere to the following:

  • No walking around, unless you are there to fish.
  • 2 metres distance must be kept to at all times
  • Sanitiser and or soap and water must be carried by all members (wash your hands regularly)
  • Members must have facility to go to the toilet within their own swim (bucket) and then take this home and dispose the waste (bailiff will be checking)
  • No socialising
  • No guests permitted (angling/non-angling), even from the same household
  • All rubbish to be taken home (skip is closed)
  • If any member is unwell STAY HOME
  • If you become unwell whilst fishing GO HOME immediately
  • Please bring all you need for your trip to minimise journeys, trips to local shops, supermarket etc.
  • No sharing of tackle/equipment
  • All members to have ID and membership cards at all times (no ID, no card no fishing)
  • No gathering in car parks, please park 2 metres apart
  • When walking around to pick a spot to fish keep the 2 metre rule at all times on paths and in swims
  • When travelling to the venue please ensure you are alone (unless you are from the same household)

We must adhere rigidly to these rules to ensure we are as safe as we can be and to keep our venues open. The bailiffs have been instructed to take a serious approach to anyone not following the rules and the club will be taking action against those individuals. If you are in doubt please just ask a bailiff or committee member and we will do our best to assist.

Please lets follow these simple rules to ensure we are all able to get out angling in a safe way.

Finally, presumably because of the lockdown many members dropped their third rod and night fishing options when they renewed their membership this year. Now that we are re-opening there has been a rush of phone calls asking about adding the options.

We can do this but we will need you to send your request to the Secretary together with your membership card, the necessary payment and a stamped addressed return envelope.

All prices can be found in the Membership section on this website.

Thank you and good luck

KAPS committee