At a recent meeting with Tarmac Aggregates it was confirmed that the next phase of the extraction will be the field to the north of the Heaton Lake, just across the horse field.

Gravel extraction has already started and will be to a depth of 5 metres.

Given our recent experience with The Cut we are very concerned about the possible effects of this latest extraction on our other lakes. At the meeting, however, Tarmac expressed some confidence that water levels on the Heaton Lake and the Stock Pond will be unaffected.

Tarmac have drawn up contingency plans which will come into effect should there be a problem. They will be monitoring water levels on a daily basis and they have confirmed that, should any topping up be necessary, the water used will be subject to stringent testing before being used.

If members feel that either lake is being affected by the extraction please talk to the bailiffs or email/phone about your concerns.