We’ve been sent details of Red Letter day recently experienced by one happy member, Jamie Akehurst.

I couldn’t let this pass without sending it over to you. I’ve just got home (this was Sunday)from what only can be described as a red letter day in the carping world!
I visited a local club water, I had a little walk up the lake after placing a bucket in a swim. I didn’t see a great deal to go on and with the wind pumping up the muddle double end decided to get some rods out. I walked round to the far bank and baited up 2 areas of overhanging tress with S7 soaked in Hydro wheat and the other with hemp, corn a few hand falls of boilies again soaked in Hydro wheat. I cast a D-rig with an S7 wafter to the boilie spot and a slow sinking bit of maize on a D-rig to the spod mix.
Rods where out for around half hour and the rods where off, and they didn’t stop!!!!! 24 takes and 18 landed with next to no sleep! The S7 and Hydro has been a winning combination for the last few sessions now with multiple captures.