We are pleased to announce that a new arrangement for long-term fishing at Paddlesworth has been agreed. The downside is that an increase of the rent, which has been stable for a number of years, was part of this agreement. The increase is substantial and we have had no option but to increase membership charges for the 2017/18 season. Please view the Membership Information page for details.


Members are given notice that the Society’s AGM will be held at 8 p.m. on Thursday 11th May at Southern Valley Golf Club, Thong Lane, Gravesend, DA12 4LT. The relevant paperwork will be distributed to all members well before this meeting


There has been a printing error on the news letter, it should read Pollard Lake NOT Pads Lake, three rods are still not permitted on Pads Lake.


In September 2016 we received an offer of help from a police diving team to remove the snags on the north side of the Burrows Lake.

We were very pleased to take up the offer and were even more pleased with the results. The vast majority of the snags were removed with great efficiency and we would like to record our sincere gratitude to the team for doing such a great job.


Low water levels in the autumn have resulted in considerable erosion on the banks of the Rother. Please take great care when fishing the venue.


These slings are now being widely used by anglers to hold fish while preparing for a photograph. There have been some instances of fish being held in such a sling for a number of hours. Some years ago we had to ban the sacking of fish after the loss of a fish in a sack that had some adrift and could not be recovered. In this respect the newer, floating slings are perhaps safer than the old sacks but we would ask anglers to use them only for short periods, certainly no longer than one hour.


Discipline on the lakes has generally been good for the current season. On one occasion a member moved away from his rods at night relying on the modern technology to inform him of a run. The technology failed him on this occasion and the final result was a 3-month suspension for the angler involved!


We were all saddened to hear of the tragic death of a young angler on a local lake. With lakes often only sparsely used at this time of the year we would ask you to be especially careful. A waterside activity is always going to have some element of danger. If you go to a venue alone, especially at night, it would offer some degree of protection if you contacted any other anglers nearby so that they are aware that you are there and that you are all in a position to help each other in the event of an emergency.


Environment Agency bailiffs have visited our waters this season, checking on rod licences and compliance with Southern Region byelaws. There are plans for a major overhaul to the licensing system for 2017118. The new system will be administered by the Angling Trust rather than the Environment Agency.

Plans include:

  • 1. The normal licence will cover you for three rods rather than just two.
  • 2. Juniors will not have to purchase a licence until they are 16 years old.

We are sure most of our members will be pleased with the new three rod licence. But did you ever think – “If I only ever fish with one rod, why should I pay for a licence which covers me for three rods?” Swings and roundabouts!!!

  • Did you know that you can read your Date of Birth from the long number on the back of your rod licence?



Whilst on the whole standards of cleanliness are generally good a few individuals are spoiling it for the rest of us. We have had complaints of soiled adult nappies and rubbish left in swims which is not only unhygienic and disgusting but also unacceptable. It is your responsibility to keep your swim tidy and free of rubbish. This does not just protect you but also protects wildlife after all we are a preservation society. Please take your rubbish with you. At Paddlesworth a skip is provided please use it.

We have also had complaints from the farm manager beside the Boughton Complex where members have left line lying around which has resulted in vets bills due to the fact the sheep have got the line tangled around their feet. We also rent our waters so are in affect tenants, do not give our landlords reason to take action against us. Remember you are breaking the terms of your membership of KAPS by not keeping your swims clean and free of rubbish. If you are reported or caught you will face disciplinary action which could result in your expulsion from the club.


Remember that it is now club policy that when a lock becomes damaged or broken it will be replaced with a temporary combination padlock which will remain in place until the original lock is repaired or replaced. The temporary lock combination code will be printed on your membership card in the box labelled: EMERGENCY COMBINATION LOCKSo remember to carry your membership card with you. As I am sure you are aware you should have your membership card with you at all times when fishing KAPS venues.

We have put in place a programme of maintenance of the new Society padlocks. The locks do need occasional maintenance but must be lubricated with a silicon-based spray recommended by the manufacturer. If a lock is starting to stick, the use of lubricants such as WD40 will only make the situation worse.
If you find a lock is playing up please report it immediately to the club e-mail address ( or the telephone line (01474-334264). Both the address and the telephone number are on your membership card.


Although there have been no reports of fish being stolen from KAPS waters, there have some problems around the county. The police are duty-bound to deal with a complaint about the theft of fish or of fishing without permission. Both are offences under Schedule 1 of the Theft Act. The Home Office code for the offence is 116/11. So make sure you quote the code 116/11 if you have cause to call the police on these issues. KAPS bailiffs can also use this code for reporting people to the police for fishing our waters without permission. More information can be found on the Angling Trust’s website (


If there is anything you feel you would like to see in future newsletters suggestions are welcome but remember space is at a premium; please contact us via email and send to:


Please make sure that you are not using death rigs. Make sure that whichever rig you favour that safety clips are used. Any lead or feeder should be fitted to your set up in such a way that should your line snap when playing a fish the weight or feeder should pull free with very little effort. This means when using safety clips do not push the tail rubbers up so that extreme effort is required to free the lead. Also do not glue the tail rubbers on. From time to time bailiffs will ask you to bring a rod in to check your rig.


Whilst spodding is an excepted activity in the course of a carp fishing session. Some anglers are taking it to the extreme and some complaints have been made where a member has turned up and then spent 30 minutes spodding. This can be quite irritating to other members fishing in nearby swims. Please respect each other’s enjoyment of the sport and think about the angler next door so to speak. Spodding bucket loads of bait into swims doesn’t help water quality. Keep bait use moderate.


Please report anyone that you see dumping household rubbish or commercial rubbish in the skip. If you can get a vehicle registration or name please pass it on to a bailiff or report it through the club or newsletter website. Remember the skip is for the use of club members to put their bagged rubbish in that has been generated whilst fishing the venue. Please make sure you close the lid on the skip after use to keep the wild life out. Use both ends of the skip so that it fills evenly. If the skip is full then take your rubbish home with you. If you are caught leaving rubbish by the skip or dumping household waste, tyres etc. You will face disciplinary action by the club which could result in expulsion from KAPS.


As announced in the last newsletter the committee had decided on ordering 3 units to replace the currently hired portable toilets with a more permanent type of toilet. After some lengthy discussions and considerable time spent in research, it was decided to fit 3 units of the waterless, odour-free compost toilet type. These are to be sited in the same areas as the currently hired units and to site a further unit on the far side of the Pollard. This is still on the agenda and with all the necessary permissions in place will be completed this year. As previously stated if you would like information about this type of toilet it can be found on the Natsol website


There are plans to put another 10 bales of barley straw into the lake later this year. If you would like to help let me know by email and you will be contacted before we start. These will be tied at various points around the lake perimeter. Please don’t cut the securing lines so that they float freely around the lake and become snags.


We have been asked on several occasions, about what members have to do to take part in our match competitions. It’s very easy – just turn up in time for the draw (dates and times are on the membership card and in the Match page, on this website). You do not have to make prior arrangement. Pools are optional, venues are subject to change on the day; in the event of flooding etc. So if you want to compete just turn up.



It was voiced at the AGM about arranging a work party or parties to clear swims along sections of the club’s rivers. If you would like take part in this please email your name and contact number as well as which river section you would be interested in clearing to and I will forward the information on to Dave who will no doubt be in contact to organise where the work party is most needed. This does depend on having enough volunteers.


The committee would like to thank all members that attended the last work party weekend in 2015 for their superb efforts. The proposed dates for the work party weekend for 2016 is May 20th – 22nd. Please keep an eye on the Paddlesworth noticeboard for more information.

Carp Spawning

When Carp are spawning at our venues, we request that all anglers use their common sense and do not fish for them, (and any other species that is spawning), also do not fish in swims adjacent to where spawning activity is taking place.

Eel Monitoring

The European eel monitoring season is now here! The Zoological Society of London’s Citizen Science European eel monitoring project has been running since 2005 and last year collected over 1000 eel records. We would like you and anyone that would like to get involved to come along and volunteer and help in the conservation of this iconic species; feel free to contact us for any further information. We look forward to hearing from you.
Lyndsay Wayman
ZSL eel monitoring volunteer coordinator for Allington Lock

KHV outbreak in Kent

There has been an outbreak of Koi Herpes Virus at Frant Fishery, near Tunbridge Wells. All anglers are asked to take special care to prevent any spread of the outbreak by drying all nets, weigh-slings, sacks and unhooking mats after every session.If possible put the items out in the sun as UV light will kill the virus. Please pass the request to other members who may not be aware of the outbreak.

Guest Tickets 

The rule will state that a member may introduce ONE guest from time to time. A maximum of three guests will be allowed in any one season. Other guest tickets rules will be unchanged and the issue of a guest ticket will be recorded on the member’s membership card.
Bailiff Inspections – The new byelaw will state that a bailiff will be allowed to inspect baits being used, either on the hook or in bait containers (See Banned Baits, below),
Fishing from numbered swims – Where swims are permanently numbered fishing will only be allowed from numbered swims.
Reserving swims – The present rule makes it unacceptable to leave ‘set up rods and tackle’ in a swim in order to reserve it. The wording will be changed so that if ‘any equipment is left’ for more than an hour the swim will be deemed to be unoccupied.
Keep Sacks – These will not be allowed; this is as direct result of a poorly anchored sack coming adrift and killing the captured carp.
Landing Nets and Unhooking Mats – Carp landing nets will need to have a minimum width of 36” and unhooking mats will need to be padded and have a minimum length of 36”.